What's new and how-to with Nutanix and VMware


Nutanix’s dictionary

Nutanix has decent number of products in its portfolio and, as any other company in the software industry, each product has its own name and abbreviation. Below you can find a list: NOTE: if...


How to disable or enable HA on Nutanix Acropolis VM

Quick post on how to disable or enable HA on Nutanix Acropolis VM. Disable HA on Nutanix AHV VM

Now, VM has been excluded from Acropolis HA and will not be restarted during...


What is NutanixManagementShare

Nutanix in Acropolis version 5.0 introduced default container called – NutanixManagementShare. So, either you are migration from 4.X to %.X or staging up brand new Nutanix Acropolis cluster on version 5.0. NutanixManagementShare container will...



Yesterday (July 18’th 2017) Nutanix released new version on Acropolis OS (AOS). I’m always excited to see what’s new in new release and share with the broader audience. Nutanix AOS it is not...


Add 1Gbps vNIC to Nutanix AHV VM

I have seen several people asking about default vNIC speed on Nutanix AHV. When you create vNIC via Prism, default vNIC speed is 10Gbps. However you can create vNIC with lower speed too, if...