P2V software

Some time ago I was looking for P2V software which could be useful during one of my projects. I had to make P2V about 150 servers, 75% was in remote customer locations, 25% was located in destination datacenter.


  1. HOT migration
  2. Bandwidth limit – very useful option which will prevent WAN overload
  3. Support for Windows 2003 server and optional Windows 2000 server as a source servers
  4. Support VI3 and vSphere4 as a destination platform.
  5. Support of block-based migrations – very important if you have to make HOT migration of very BIG servers through WAN

After several days of “googling” reading posts on VMware communities, articles on websites, I’d choose 4 products for testing phase.

Within next few weeks I’m going to write post about each software which I was tested. I will try to include all info which I have, all tips and tricks which I know. I will include my opinion about support engineers, companies representatives which I was talked to. To give you wide overview and what you can expect not only from software itself but from software vendor as well.
First post will be about Vmware Converter 4 Standalone.

Artur Krzywdzinski

Artur is Consulting Architect at Nutanix. He has been using, designing and deploying VMware based solutions since 2005 and Microsoft since 2012. He specialize in designing and implementing private and hybrid cloud solution based on VMware and Microsoft software stacks, datacenter migrations and transformation, disaster avoidance. Artur holds VMware Certified Design Expert certification (VCDX #077).