During installation process of vSphere ESXi 5 as a virtual machine I got warning message

HARDWARE_VIRTUALIZATION WARNING: Hardware Virtualization is not a feature of the CPU, or is not enabled in the BIOS

I talked to myself, what the hack, I did enabled INTEL-VT in the BIOS. I skipped warning message and finished installation.

Without enabled hardware virtualization feature I would be able run only 32 bit machines on my virtual ESXi server. I decided to dig out in virtual machine configuration.  In a hardware tab, under Processor configuration section Virtual Intel-VT or AMD-V/RVI box need to be checked in order to pass hardware virtualization features to virtual machine


  • http://www.petenetlive.com PeteLong

    If you see this error on a Live server, Heres some more information that might be helpfull,



  • http://vmwaremne.com shaik riyaz

    dude but i dont have check box in my vmware 8.0 to enable . . . .i want run mac snow leopard 10.6.8 in my dual code system but it showing virtualization problem

    can u help me

  • bb2012

    I got this error and VMware advised me to turn off Trusted Execution which allows for 64 bit VMs and VT technology.

    • artur_ka

      Thanks for info, Where Trusted Execution can be turned off ?

  • taj mohammad

    Hi Artur, thanks for pointing this. I was restless as i could not find this option.

    My Motherboard is DQ77mk and Processor is core i7 3770. i bought this pc for learning Virtualization , Cisco & Juniper.