How to monitor Nutanix Acropolis upgrade

Nutanix’s OneClick upgrade is phenomenal tool which let’s you upgrade many components from single console

  • AOS
  • Hypervisor – AHV and ESXi
  • BIOS,
  • BMC firmware,
  • disks firmware,
  • NCC

and even more in upcoming releases. You can read more about OneClick Upgrade here

How to monitor Nutanix Acropolis upgrade.

#1 – from Prism

Go to Prism –> click on gear –> Upgrade Software –> Hypervisor

Monitor AOS upgrade from Prism

Monitor AOS upgrade from Prism

#2 – from command line

Log in to any CVM in the cluster and

How to restart an AOS upgrade, or stop upgrade, follow these steps:

  1. Log into a CVM via SSH
  2. enter the command “ cluster disable_auto_install”
  3. Restart genesis on all nodes using the command “cluster restart_genesis”
  4. Re-enable auto-install “cluster enable_auto_install”
  5. Restart genesis again
  6. Restart the upgrade through Prism

Artur Krzywdzinski

Artur is Consulting Architect at Nutanix. He has been using, designing and deploying VMware based solutions since 2005 and Microsoft since 2012. He specialize in designing and implementing private and hybrid cloud solution based on VMware and Microsoft software stacks, datacenter migrations and transformation, disaster avoidance. Artur holds VMware Certified Design Expert certification (VCDX #077).

  • Matt Z

    Thanks for the instructions on restarting the upgrade process. My hypervisor upgrade got stuck when one VM failed to migrate. Once I resolved that issue the upgrade didn’t resume on its own. But after running the four commands you listed, I was able to start it back up from Prism. Saved me a call to tech support.