Platespin Migrate 8 – Best Practice and GuideBook

Platespin 8 Migrate, I think one of the most popular P2V software if  not the most, Some time ago PlateSpin developer was bought by Novell since then is called Novell Platespin 8 Migration Portability Suite.

First time I heard about it in Jun 2009 when I was take part  some webinaries, as I’m Novell engineer and in fact I like Novell products, I was looking forward to check software how does it working in “real life”.


  • very good support
  • huge scope of supported system as a source servers, started from Windows 4 NT, Windows 2008, Linux servers and finally finished on Sun Solaris
  • quite simple and intuitive GUI interface
  • block and filebased migration
  • P2I mode
  • Doesn’t need a separate OS as a Helper,
  • Plenty of options which are useful during configuration of  destination server


  • heavy software for OS, taking quite a lot of resources
  • complicated pre-migration preparation process on source server
  • problems with discovering and installing migration agent on servers which are in different IP range then PlateSpin server
  • you can start only one Platespin client session per user name – means, if you have shared account and wants to start more than one Platespin client session it will not work
  • resume option is missing – when job fail you are not able to resume from point where get fail, there is a résumé option in PlateSpin, but in fact what software doing is removing target VM and starting migration process from scratch
  • bandwidth limitation option missing
  • Linux workloads can be migrated only off-line (in Platespin 9 Linux workloads can migrated on-line)

Tricks & tips

  1. Do not install on source server or Domain Controller
  2. Install Platespin Migrate components in correct order:
    1. Best Practice for Platespin installation
    2. .IIS
    3. .NET
    4. Platespin install package – do not extract files from exe file, let installer to do whole process
  3. Workaround for  discovering servers and add to PlateSpin server inventory.
  4. Prerequisites for source server before discover by PlateSpin Migrate 8
  5. Setting up controller on source server (failed) – how to solve it
  6. Ports which has to be open of firewall when source server is behind it
  7. Block based agent – manual installation.
  8. What to do to migrate server behind firewall
  9. When adding license to server always use client which is started from PlateSpin server and keep in mind that when you adding new license all job has to be stopped, in other case your license can get corrupted.