Category: ESXi


Zero megabytes suported

I tried to migrate and clone some of the VM’s on my Test and Development cluster and I got very, very strange error message during validation: Virtual machine has 256 megabytes of memory, which...


vSphere 5.5 Generally Available

After long (too long) waiting VMware made vSphere 5.5 Generally Available for download . !!!! [box type=”download”] DOWNLOAD VMware vSphere 5.5 VMware vSphere 5.5 online documentation [/box] Useful Links: [box type =”info”] VMware vSphere...


Nexenta at homelab

NexentaStore Open Storage appliance is storage system based on Solaris ZFS file system. I decide to change my storage appliance at HomeLab from OpenFiler to NexentaStor Community Edition. On NexentaStor project web page you...