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Upgrade to vSphere 4.1 U1 – part 1

In spite of vSphere 5 was released few months back, many VMware customers migrate their Virtual Data Centers to vSphere4.1 therefore I decided to post guidance how migrate to vSphere4.1 I will describe 2...

How to use esxtop or resxtop in batch mode 2

How to use esxtop or resxtop in batch mode

I noticed that even there is a quite a lot of documentation about esxtop or resxtop many users still have a problems with running esxtop in batch mode or with customize performance metrics. So...

First steps with VMware 0

First steps with VMware

This page is,  for admins which has some experience with VMware. It has basic information which could help with daily basis VMware ESX and Virtual Center administration. It will be divided by few stages...